Galba Small Toilet Reviews With Full Installation Guide in 2022

Galba Toilet

Having a small bathroom can be challenging as you cannot install a toilet of choice. A compact toilet will be great, but it will take up a lot of space. So, if you want to have space in your bathroom, then you should look for a small toilet that also offers comfort. In this regard, Galba is a beautiful toilet to consider. Read our Galba Toilet reviews to know more about this compact toilet.

The Galba one-piece toilet is specifically made for small bathrooms. The toilet is compact but still comfortable enough to use. Additionally, it is water-efficient with its dual flush system. If you’ve been looking for a compact toilet for your bathroom, then the Galba small elongated toilet is a perfect choice. Read the whole review and find out why.

Technical Features of the GALBA Small Toilet Short Compact Bathroom:


Galba Mini Commode

Color: White
Rough-in: 12″
Flush Type: Dual Siphonic Flush
Shape: Elongated
Comfort Height: 16.5″
Piece: 1-Piece
 UPC and MaP flush score : 300
Included: Slow closing nesting toilet seat (plastic)
Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 24.5 x 14 x 27 inches
Weight: 90 pounds
Price: Check Today’s Price

Toilet for a small bathroom: Galba toilet reviews

What materials are used?

Even though it is small in size, the Galba small toilet is well-made out of vitreous china material. Because of this, you can entirely rely on this toilet to last for a very long while. Furthermore, the toilet is straightforward to clean as vitreous china is super smooth and doesn’t allow particles to stick.

Is Galba really a space-saving toilet?

Maintaining a toilet can be very challenging. That’s why most people prefer one-piece toilets over two-piece toilets. The Galba small toilet is a one-piece toilet. As a result, it is easy to maintain and install. This is because it doesn’t feature the gap between the tank and bowl, which is a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and mildew.

Sleek and elegant design

Despite being compact, this toilet still looks lovely and will blend easily with most modern bathrooms. Besides, it has a skirted design that makes it look beautiful and simple to clean. There are no corners to scrub as the trapway is concealed.

Dual flush system

Since water is becoming scarce every day, installing a toilet that preserves water is very vital. The Galba mini toilet is one of the water-efficient toilets on the market. This unit comes with a dual flush system that is not only effective but as well as saves water. The dual flush system enables the user to pick a 0.8 GPF or a full 1.6 GPF. So, no more wastage of water.

Is it comfortable to use?

As the saying goes, “Never judge a book by its cover,” that’s how you shouldn’t judge the Galba small toilet by merely looking at it. This toilet may be compact, but it is very comfortable. It features an elongated bowl and a near-comfort height. So, many people will have an easy time sitting down or standing up from the toilet.
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Self-cleaning glazed surface

Cleaning the toilet is not a big challenge since it features a unique coating that prevents dirt and other debris from sticking. Therefore, you won’t have to scrub the toilet all the time.

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Is a slow-closing seat included?

One of the challenges of buying a toilet online is that most of them don’t come with toilet seats. That’s not the same with the Galba small toilet, as it boasts of a soft-closing seat. So, no more banging on the toilet after relieving yourself.

What are the pros of the Galba small toilet?

  • Elongated comfort height ford added comfort.
  • Excellent flushing system clears waste in one flush
  • High-efficiency toilet
  • Compact design is ideal for small bathrooms
  • Straightforward to install
  • A dual flushing system saves water
  • Sleek and elegant design matches with most modern bathrooms

What are the disadvantages of the GALBA 24.5″ toilet?

  • The toilet seat is cheaply made; hence, not durable
  • It is slightly pricey
  • It is not very powerful and cannot move vast masses as it has a MaP rating of 300


The Galba small one-piece toilet is perfect for individuals who want to save space in their tiny bathroom or powder room. The toilet takes up less space, but it is still very efficient in performance. Additionally, the toilet is comfortable and water-efficient.

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Apart from its lack of power and cheap seat, this is an exceptional toilet that any homeowner will love to install in their tiny bathroom. I hope that our Galba Toilet reviews article has given you a clear idea about this compact one-piece toilet.


Question: What does the minimum space rule mean?
Answer: The minimum space rule is the minimum space required by the law when installing the toilet. Before buying a toilet, you should find out if it meets the minimum space rule or not. Also, you need to check the toilet flushing system that meets your needs.

This information can be obtained from your local building code site. In most states within the country, they have a code of 30-inches minimum for the toilet. Also, it requires the toilet to be at least 15-inches from its centerline to either side. This doesn’t matter if the toilet is small or not.

Question: What is the importance of installing a small toilet over the standard one?
Answer: A small toilet is ideal if you have a small bathroom. Also, it is suitable for powder rooms, where space is limited. Since it leaves a lot of space when compared to the regular flushing toilet, you can keep your things or make it easy for disabled people to maneuver in the bathroom.

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