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Toto Supreme II Toilets vs. Ultramax II Toilets

Toto Supreme II vs. Ultramax II Toilets: Similarities and Differences

Do you want to purchase the best Toto toilet? People in this modern era always want the most durable and beautiful toilet with an extraordinary flushing system. In that case, Toto Supreme II and UltraMax II would be the best options at an affordable price. Several flushing toilets with different names are available on the market. Single flush, dual flush, turbo flush, cyclone flush, etc., are the various attractive features of the toilet. The other essential features, including colors, sizes, outlook, easy cleaning advantage, etc., are also standard features of the famous toilets. Each part will be highlighted while comparing Toto Supreme II and Toto UltraMax II.

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Features TOTO Supreme II  TOTO Ultramax II
Dimensions: 28.38 x 17.13 x 25.63 inches 28.25 x 16.75 x 28.75 inches
Weight: 104 lbs 99 lbs
Color: Cotton White Cotton
Material: Ceramic, Plastic Ceramic
Bowl Shape: Elongated Elongated
Toilet Type: One Piece One Piece
Flush Technology: Tornado Flush Double Cyclone

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Toto Supreme II Toilet: Quick Facts

Toto Supreme II Toilet

  • Toto Supreme II is famous for its universal height. It is a suitable toilet for everyone, including the physically disabled.
  • It has a double-cyclone flushing system that uses less water to flush every time. Toto Supreme II uses 1.28 GPF, while the regular flushing toilets need to use 1.6 GPF.
  • The toilet is an elongated one-piece toilet, so its front bowl is wide enough.
  • The Supreme II design is visually appealing and will attract all users.
  • You can clean the toilet easily.

Toto UltraMax II Toilet: Short OverviewToto UltraMax II Toilet

  • The UltraMax II is a one-piece elongated toilet.
  • The included SoftClose(R) seat is comfortable for everyone.
  • The Toto UltraMax II toilet’s flushing is so powerful with less water (1.28 GPF).
  • The CeFIONtect glaze of Ultramax II is helpful for cleaning the toilet surface. It is suitable for efficiently removing particles from adhering to porous materials. The feature keeps the ceramic surface clean.
  • Toto UltraMax II minimizes the use of water and chemicals for cleaning your toilet surface.

What are the similarities between Supreme II and Ultramax II toilets?

Toto Supreme II and Ultramax II have some notable similarities between them, although they are of the same brand.

  • Water Usage

Both toilets utilize the same amount of water (1.28 GPF). It is comparatively less than the traditional toilets, which use 1.6 GPF. Each toilet helps save on your annual water bill.

  • Chrome Trip Lever

The Toto Supreme II and Ultramax II have a sustainable chrome trip lever.

  • Elongated Front Bowl

Both have elongated front bowls. But, the elongated bowl of the toilets makes it easy to use them. Both young and elderly people, as well as physically disabled people, will get comfort from using the bowl. Moreover, the bowls are easy to clean with a simple flush.

Toto Supreme II vs. UltraMax II: Detailed Toilet Comparison

Every user considers several aspects of a toilet before buying it when he or she is ready to buy a good toilet with a sufficient budget. So here are the things you must compare-Toto Supreme II Toilets vs. Ultramax II Toilets

Compare Flushing System:

  • Toto UltraMax II: Fast double cyclone flush
  • Toto Supreme II: Powerful tornado flush
  • Winner: Toto Supreme II

Toto UltraMax II uses Toto’s double cyclone flushing technology. It is a powerful wave that compels the water into the jets and cleans the waste easily. It uses two nozzles instead of using rim holes, and both are good for having a faster flushing experience. The two nozzles are at the top of the toilet bowl. They release sufficient amounts of water to flush the toilet.

Toto Supreme II is a toilet that has good performance with its Tornado flushing system. It uses three nozzles at a time while flushing the toilet surface. It is slightly better than double cyclone technology. As tornado flushing is an improved version of double cyclone flushing, Toto Supreme II can be more powerful.

Height and Size:

  • Toto UltraMax II: Ideal for only large bathroom
  • Toto Supreme II: Ideal for all bathrooms
  • Winner: Toto Supreme II

Their size is the most significant difference between the Toto Supreme II and the Toto UltraMax II. Toto UltraMax II is slightly bigger, and Supreme II is shorter. So, those who like the bigger ones can choose Toto UltraMax. On the other hand, Toto Supreme II is ideal for compact bathrooms.

Price comparison:

  • Toto UltraMax II: $650–$1050
  • Toto Supreme II: $850–$1500
  • Winner: Toto UltraMax II

Generally, the Toto Supreme II toilet is costlier, while the price of the Toto Ultramax II is comparatively lower. Significantly, the high-quality Toto Supreme’s price is $850–$1500. The Toto Ultramax II has a good standard available from $650 to $1050.

Recommendation: Toto UltraMax II or Supreme II?

When your bathroom has a huge space and needs a bigger toilet, you can select the UltraMax II. Its size is quite larger than the Toto Supreme II, and it needs more space. Moreover, Toto UltraMax has a lower price.

But you can purchase a Toto Supreme II tornado flush toilet when you want a better flushing toilet. It will give you a better flushing and cleaning experience.


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