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Colonial White or Cotton White

Toto Colonial White vs. Cotton White Toilet Color Comparison

Colonial White or Cotton WhitePeople often get confused about which color option to choose among the enormous number of toilet models. Significantly, the popular models of the same brand throw them into a puzzle. Colonial White and Cotton White are the two famous color categories of the renowned Toto brand. Now we will discuss the two different toilet finishes to compare their appearance and features. It is the difference between classic white and bright white. Some users may not highlight it, but it is a necessary topic for the fancy people who give priority to their product’s color choice.

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What is a Toto Cotton White Toilet?

Toto’s cotton white color is a bright white, the standard color of most Toto toilets. You can choose the Toto cotton white toilet if you want a more classic white color to decorate your bathroom. Its attractive outlook can easily highlight your bathroom brightly. Here’s a quick rundown of the Toto Cotton White Toilet.Toto Cotton White Toilet Reviews

  • Toto cotton white is much more translucent.
  • It makes the brighter bathrooms attractive.
  • Cotton white color is usually used in older American standard toilets.

What is the Toto Colonial White Toilet?

The glossiness of the Toto colonial white toilet is less than cotton white. Instead, cotton white is a sharper, glassier color. The colonial white is suitable for softer bathrooms with a dark inside. Some people do not prefer a brighter appearance in their bathrooms. They use dim and colorful lights to make their dark bathrooms more beautiful. Cotton white is not a suitable color for these bathrooms because the color will not match the inside. So the colonial white color will be the best fit.

  • The color of Toto’s colonial white is slightly deeper.
  • It makes the dark bathrooms beautiful.
  • The bathrooms may be decorated with dim lights.
  • The newer American Standard toilets are now in colonial white.Toto Colonial White Toilets

Toto cotton white is similar in color to Kohler’s and Elijer’s white. It is likely the same as the older American standard toilets. On the other hand, colonial white toilets have similarities with the newer American Standard toilets.

Colonial White or Cotton White: Which Toilet is Brighter?

Cotton white is a brighter one. So it looks more clean and glossy. The colonial white color is less bright. So, it is harder to clean after using it for years. Significantly, the colonial white toilet will not be a perfect match if you use it in a bathroom with brighter walls.

Which one is suitable for Public Toilets?

Public toilets are more likely to become dirty. Frequent use by people makes toilets dirtier compared to home toilets. As Toto’s cotton white is brighter, the bowl clearly highlights the stains and rings. For commercial use, you should install Toto’s colonial white toilets. Its dark appearance will match the frequent specks of dirt and prevent the toilet from looking dirtier.

Toto Colonial White vs. Cotton White: Final Recommendation

Both Toto colonial white and cotton white color toilets are good if they are installed in the right places. If you are a fan of older American standard toilets and like the brighter ones, you can purchase a cotton white toilet without hesitation. It will improve your bathroom’s look with its more glowing appearance. Moreover, Toto cotton white toilet surfaces are easier to clean. Using the toilet, you can easily find specks of dirt and clean them quickly. Toto Colonial White is suitable in public and commercial places with its dark appearance.


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