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Comparison between Kohler Cimarron & Kohler Cavata

Kohler Cimarron vs. Kohler Cavata: Comparison and Buying Guide

Comparison between Kohler Cimarron & Kohler Cavata

Do you want to buy a new two-piece toilet for your bathroom? There are huge toilet collections on the market, and they all provide us with some advantages. But not all are water-efficient and worth the money. Kohler is one of the most prevalent toilet-manufacturing brands in the world. Kohler Cavata and Kohler Cimarron are two different toilet models from the same toilet brand. Let’s compare their features and prices so that you can select the best one to fulfill your needs.

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Comparison Table: Kohler Cimarron vs. Kohler Cavata Toilet

Features  Kohler Cavata  Kohler Cimarron
Dimensions:  30.5 x 19.6 x 29.7 inches 28.88 x 16.25 x 17.75 inches
Weight:   104 lbs 101 lbs
Color: White Ice gray
Toilet Type: Two-Piece Two-Piece
Water Consumption:  1.1-1.6 GPF 1.28 GPF
Flush Type:   Dual Flush Single-Flush
Water surface size:   11-3/8 x 8 inch 10-1/2 x 7-7/8 inch
Rim to water surface:  5-3/8 inch 6-3/8 inch
Bowl Type:  Round or elongated Elongated
WaterSense certification:   Yes Yes
Skirted Design: Yes No
ADA Compliant: No Yes
Trapway Design: Concealed Exposed
Seat Included: Yes No
Warranty: One-year limited One-year limited
Price: Check Today’s Price

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Similarities between Kohler Cavata and Cimarron toilets

Although there are several differences between Cavata and Cimarron toilets, they have some similarities. The following features are present in both Cavata and Cimarron because they are from the same toilet-manufacturing company.

  • Both Kohler Cavata and Cimarron have a 1-year warranty.
  • Kohler Cavata and Cimarron have WaterSense certification.
  • Both toilets have a chrome-plated lever.
  • Both are 2-piece toilets.

Kohler Cavata Water-Saving Dual Flush Toilet Review

The Kohler Cavata toilet is a complete solution for every bathroom. Its hardware assembly and eco-friendly features fulfill every toilet user’s demand. Here are some key features you must check before buying:

Kohler Cavata ToiletsCheck Today’s Price

Water Consumption

The Kohler Cavata toilet has a reputation for consuming a small amount of water. It uses 1.28 GPF. It provides a 20% reduction in water consumption, saving money. You will experience water-saving performance in every single flush.

Attractive Design

The outlook and design of the Cavata toilet are peculiar. Its elegant structure is enough to attract people. Moreover, the white color finish will remain beautiful for a long time if you can clean it and take care of it regularly.

50% More Rinse and a Power Flush

Although the water-efficient Cavata toilet saves water by using less, it does not hamper the flushing performance. Its powerful class 5 flushing system cleans the toilet surface completely. The toilet gives you the efficiency to rinse the toilet surface 50% more than the previous models of Kohler. So, there is no doubt about getting a clean bowl after every flush.

Easy Cleaning

The toilet seat of the Kohler Cavata comes off quickly. It ensures easy cleaning by identifying the dirt from every toilet part. Moreover, the incredible flushing technology makes it an excellent toilet to keep clean. The easy cleaning feature of the Cavata toilet helps you to get a beautiful outlook like a new toilet for years.

A Durable Toilet

The Kohler Cavata is a toilet that has an outstanding lifespan. If you take care of the toilet and clean it regularly, it will last for years. Thus, it will be worth your money and spare you the trouble of changing a toilet seat randomly.

Toilet Height and Shape

Its extended size and perfect height ensure comfortability for every person, including the elderly and physically disabled people. The bowl height of the Cavata toilet is 17 inches, including the toilet seat. It becomes 15 inches without the seat. A comfort height or right-height toilet must be between 17 and 19 inches. So, we can consider the Cavata toilet an ideal comfort-height toilet. Also, the two-piece design offers more sitting space.

Cimarron Toilet 1.28 GPF Single-Flush Toilet

The Kohler Cimarron is a comfortable-height, elongated toilet with attractive color and a great outlook. It is a popular model from Kohler that ensures longevity and high performance. Although Kohler Cimarron is now a discontinued product, we are presenting its details to compare it with Kohler Cavata.

Kohler Cimarron ToiletCheck Today’s Price

Elongated Bowl with Regular Height

Kohler Cimarron has a perfect toilet bowl that is elongated and comfortable. Its height matches the users’ desire, increasing comfort and making the toilet pleasurable. Toto Cimarron has nice construction. It goes for a long time and becomes worth money.


The color of Cimarron is ice-gray. This color may not be preferable for some users. But, those who use colorful lights in their bathroom to make it dark and beautiful can set up a Cimarron toilet.

Kohler Cavata vs. Cimarron: All the key differences

Some mentionable features of Cavata and Cimarron distinguish them. We will get the most suitable toilet by considering the differences between the Cavata and the Cimarron. Here are the differences:Kohler Cavata vs. Cimarron Toilet

  • Price Comparison

The most crucial difference between Kohler Cavata and Cimarron is their price. Generally, the Cimarron product’s rate is around $209 now. But the Kohler Cavata toilet is more than $300, which is comparatively higher in price.

  • Supply Line

Kohler Cavata does not provide a supply line. But, Cimarron includes the equipment in their package. So, when you buy Cimarron, you do not have to purchase an extra supply line.

  • Availability

Kohler Cavata is easily available on the market now. But Cimarron was discontinued a few times, but now it is available on the market.

  • Color of Toilet

Kohler Cavata is white in color and is best for residential bathrooms. The color of Kohler Cimarron is ice-gray. So, here is an option for the users to choose the best toilet according to their color preference.

Public washrooms become dirty frequently. So, it is hard to set up a white toilet set there because the specks of dirt appear on the white surface very quickly. But, the Cimarron toilet’s ice-gray color is suitable to fit there. It removes the problem of cleaning the toilet more.

  • Compare Water Consumption

Kohler Cavata is a dual-flush toilet that allows you to choose between 1.1 or 1.6 GPF. But the Kohler Cimarron is a single-flush toilet that uses 1.28 GPF.

Final Thoughts: Kohler Cimarron or Cavata?

The differences clarify the product’s characteristics, so buy the best one. For public toilets, Kohler Cimarron is better than Kohler Cavata. Cimarron’s ice-gray color is less likely to be dirty. Moreover, it is perfect for homeowners who hate the white color because it attracts dirt frequently. Cimarron is also better in terms of price. Its price range is relatively lower than the Kohler Cavata. So, its affordability allows users with a low budget to buy it. The supply line is also available in Cimarron. But being expensive, Kohler Cavata does not provide the opportunity.


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